Workshop Partners

Posted on June 30, 2016

As digital technology has presented new opportunities to filmmakers and exhibitors, it has also impacted the availability of prints for theatres showing 35mm film. Fewer prints are available, and many of those come from archives and similar institutions that cannot replace these valuable assets should they become damaged. This makes the handling and projection of film prints critical, and the need for training imperative.

“While digital has become the primary exhibition format, many theaters continue to show 35mm film prints,” said AMIA President Andrea Kalas. “We want to provide working professionals and projectionists who want to continue their education with the special skills to work with rare and archival prints to ensure that audiences will continue to enjoy many films in their original 35mm format. Bringing AMIA together with the Alamo Drafthouse and The Film Foundation,   Boston Light & Sound and Kodak, helps to foster an appreciation for this revered cinema experience.”

The workshop brings together leading experts in 35mm projection and preservation:  the Alamo’s commitment to showing rare prints and archive titles, The Film Foundation’s dedication to protecting and preserving motion picture history, and  AMIA’s goal to ensure the public’s access to these collections.  Kodak has been involved in the production and projection of film since its very beginning, and Boston Light & Sound is a recognized leader in projection presentation, equipment, and design.


As the world’s largest international association of professional media archivists, the Association of Moving Image Archivists (AMIA) is uniquely poised to bring together a broad range of experts. Members represent film studios, corporate and national archives, historical societies, labs, post production, universities, footage libraries and more. Because of this diverse membership, AMIA provides an opportunity to interact with every facet of the field and a single forum to address the best ways to preserve and provide access to our media heritage in digital and analog formats. For further information, visit and follow AMIA on Facebook, Twitter (@AMIAnet) and Instagram (@AMIArchivists).

The Film Foundation is a nonprofit organization established by Martin Scorsese in 1990 dedicated to protecting and preserving motion picture history. By working in partnership with archives and studios, the foundation has helped to restore nearly 700 films, which are made accessible to the public through programming at festivals, museums, and educational institutions around the world. The Film Foundation’s World Cinema Project has restored 28 films from 20 different countries representing the rich diversity of world cinema. The foundation’s free educational curriculum, The Story of Movies, teaches young people – over 10 million to date – about film language and history. For more information, visit:

Innovation is at the heart of everything we strive for, so in addition to maintaining the latest and greatest in projection technology so that every show features crisp, bright digital or 35mm presentations with booming surround sound, we also program repertory titles and special events you won’t find anywhere else.  Presentation standards are one of the most important and yet most frequently overlooked aspect of the theatergoing experience. At Alamo Drafthouse we’re obsessed with making sure that each film looks and sounds the best it possibly can, and that means investing in new technology, constant maintenance to make sure our equipment meets our standards, and developing and training the next generation of projectionists.  Our projection teams are vital to the company. Because many classic films are only available on celluloid, the only way they can be seen is on film. That’s why most Alamo Drafthouse locations are fitted with at least one 35mm projector, and several even have widescreen 70mm equipment, the preferred format for visionary filmmakers like Christopher Nolan and Paul Thomas Anderson.

Boston Light & Sound is known as the specialty presentation gurus. From our early success presenting Napoleon, complete with a live orchestra at the Colosseum in Rome, to engineering and installing digital cinema and film projection systems at the Doha Tribeca Film Festival in Doha, Qatar, BL&S has a reputation for technical expertise and craftsmanship.  Whether you need a sound system for an impossible location, a specially designed screening room, or a one-off rental for your special event, the BL&S crew will come through. We also offer an endless array of the latest digital cinema, audio, and film projection products for sale or rent around the globe. One of the nation’s leading entertainment technology companies, BL&S maintains the personal touch of a small specialty operation.  For more information, visit: