The Projection Workshops

Posted on September 29, 2017

AMIA’s Projection Workshops provided resources and training to support those involved in the projection of 35mm film.  The workshops are in partnership with The Film Foundation and in collaboration with Boston Light & Sound and Alamo Drafthouse.  Areas of instruction include: the handling of 35mm prints, working with lending institutions, and the technical skills needed for projection and maintenance. In addition to hands-on workshops, our goals also include the support of the broader community of 35mm exhibition – from encouraging peer-to-peer training to increasing the availability of online resources.

While digital is the primary exhibition format today,  many theatres continue to screen 35mm prints.  New audiences continue to appreciate rare prints, archive films and titles from private collections, many of which are not available in a digital format.  More and more of these prints come from archives and similar institutions, and damaged prints cannot be replaced.  This makes the handling and projection of film prints critical, and training imperative.

The workshops  offer speakers and hands-on tutorials for projectionists at different levels of experience working with 35mm film prints and focus on film preparation and projection as well as special stipulations for archival projection, and coordinating with lending institutions.  The workshops are aimed at those who have some booth experience and are looking to expand their knowledge and skills.

  • 2018 | Level 1 Workshop (Chicago) and Intermediate Workshop (Boston)
  • 2017 | Three Day Intermediate Workshop (Boston Light & Sound, Boston, MA)
  • 2016 | Three Day Workshop (Alamo Drafthouse, Austin, Texas)
  • 2014 | Single Day Workshop (Alamo Drafthouse, Austin, Texas)

The Projection Workshop was developed in 2014 by AMIA’s Film Advocacy Task Force and the AMIA Projection and Presentation Committee with the support and partnership of the Alamo Drafthouse