About AMIA

Our culture and our lifestyle is increasingly shaped by visual media in its many forms and formats.

At a time of accelerating change, AMIA provides a unique forum for everyone involved in the production, use, preservation and management of visual media.  Not only to discuss the changes happening today, and  how best to deal with tomorrow’s constantly evolving technologies and challenges, but also how to integrate a century of analog materials into today’s technological landscape so that we can ensure their lasting legacy.  AMIA is a community of professionals where these discussions happen every day.

AMIA is a global network – members represent studios, government archives, theatres, post production, public broadcasting, academics, music, corporate archives, regional collections, service providers, universities, libraries, distributors, cultural heritage institutions, arts organizations, and independent archives.   Founded as the place where professionals from a diversity of sectors – public or private, corporate or non profit – comes together to share their expertise, AMIA continues to offer a forum to compare approaches, discuss research, and find solutions to common challenges.